Saturday, September 15, 2012


So, I've pretty much been MIA these last few months.  I've moved back to Greenville for the fall semester of my senior (!!) year, and the classes I have are pretty demanding.  The shop, needless to say, has been pretty neglected as a result, and mostly because I don't have my camera with me, or very much time to make new pieces.  I'm hoping things will start to slow down a bit for school now, since I'm done with the required staged Shakespeare readings for that class.  And yes, the main reason I'm taking a Shakespeare class is because it is required to graduate.

My writing's also taken a hit (fiction writing, anyway), although I am taking an advanced fiction writing class.  I've already turned in my first story, which, because of an intense bout of writer's block/stress, was a rewrite of an older short story.  I did get some useful feedback on it, however.  It actually helped me to see the characters in it as completely new ones, which was kind of a shock for me because the story was originally a snippet from my novel and I just changed the characters up a little.  Now I'm starting to see them as their own people.

In the realm of all things shop-related, I'm getting ready to buckle down and do some reorganizing so that I can try to sell more as we approach the holidays.  Yes, I know it's September, but it's never too early, but Christmas always sneaks up on everyone and it's good to be prepared, too, at any rate.

In the meantime, enjoy this hey-I'm-not-dead post!