Monday, January 24, 2011

Keep Plugging On

Really trying to build up my stock here in jewelry, as well as try new things.  I follwed a couple patterns in an old Stringing magazine that I'd really liked and then tried doing them differently. 

Also trying to use up all these little findings I got forever and a day ago in a findings assortment from FMG (that's Fire Mountain Gems) by making earrings, and even a dainty little focal.  I'm behind on my picture taking because it always seems to be cloudy or otherwise dark when I'm ready to take pictures.  I'll get them done and posted soon, I suppose.  Yeah, I know, I say that a lot and then never do it, but I suppose my intentions are good.

Going through an Etsy success shop makeover series right's pretty helpful, actually.  I have also discovered that while I'm getting the hang of my crimping beads, wrapped loops are a whole new animal.  Whole.  New.  Animal.  It's not really that they're hard; they just require....patience....

Will update soon! (hopefully with pictures!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Plans

I'm ignoring the fact I haven't updated this in forever.  Really, I am.  So, here's what I've been doing....

I FINALLY got my mom's necklace for Christmas finished maybe the week of Christmas.  I found these topaz-y flowery connectors at Michael's and fell in love with them.  So I picked out some brown facted rounds with gold around the edges and a smaller version in a more rice pellet shape.  Then I strung two strands of the larger rounds on the lower half of the connectors (and typing this is making it sound MUCH easier than it was--took me two or three tries to get the length right!).  I had orignially intended to use one strand of both sizes for the top and bottom strands, but I like the larger better.  for the top of the connectors, first I strung four little rice beads on each side and then crimped it so it looked like a little triangle.  Then I just strung it as usual until it was somewhere between 18-20 inches total length.  I believe that part took me two tries because I made it too short....and I forgot to take pictures so you'll just have to use your imagination!

I decided I wanted a more beachy themed necklace too, because I had beads left over from my sister's necklace (which didn't take me NEARLY as long).  It had a silver hoop connector with a strand of blue pearls and a strand of bluish rounds and tan mother of pearl-ish shell beads.  These went over to a flying bird connector with a regular silver chain to finish it off.  I didn't have a present for my grandmother yet, so I gave her that for Christmas.  My aunt was very jealous.  :D  I'm making another one for myself because I liked it so much, but it's a much different version because I'm running out of those beads.  And I have to go restring it because I crimped it wrong....blegh....

I also went and completely rephotographed every piece of jewelry I have for sale in my Etsy shop.  It looks SO much better now, and I posted some new pieces of jewelry!

I promise to try to keep this up more often!