Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The end draws near...

We're nearing the end of the semester, and I've been a writing machine these past few weeks.  Yes, I finished NaNo. *cheer jump*  Then I proceeded to write one research paper, one French composition, and one senior portfolio.

Okay, so the pieces were already written for the portfolio.  I did edit one of my short stories to include in it, and I had to write an introductory essay.  The most aggravating part was putting all five pieces into one document, then adding the essay and the check sheet.  I had to rearrange all the pages so that each piece was starting at the top of a new page, and they all kept reordering themselves, but I finally got it done.  Now I just have one French final, another research paper, and one take-home final to do.  That'll be my life this weekend.

Oh, and I wrote a flash piece for my fiction writing "final."  After a couple false starts, I finally hit inspiration and I actually really like this piece.  At the moment, anyway.  Couple hours, give or take, and I may feel differently.  But that's the quickie update.

I'm also thinking about maybe starting a Wordpress blog that has all my writing shtuff there, and I may start doing some chatting about the things I'm reading in my classes, too.  Might even do some Shakespeare gabbing over the winter break if I get around to it.  I'll definitely post details here.  Happy end of the semester!!