Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!

Okay, so I meant to post a teaser pic, and to post a lot of other things as well, but I feel like the last month has just been nonstop going going going...aaaaand so the blog fell by the wayside, as it does.

Before I get to the posting of the pics, here's my process basically after I opened my bead soup from Patricia (see her blog here). I oohed and ahhed over all the pretty colors and patterns and shapes, then got flooded with about sixteen different ideas at once, so I set them aside before I went completely crazy and burned out the creativity right away. Then everybody started travelling, including me, and I was going to job interviews and designing email newsletters for TEN3 and going to appointments, and landed a job (yay!) and that brings us to this week with the pretty beads still waiting patiently. Then I panicked. A little.

I had originally thought I would make a necklace using as many of the beads as I could. I got to looking at it though, and didn't think I had enough to make a necklace as long as I wanted, and I didn't want to use my usual "cheat" of adding chain at the top near the clasp. I also didn't want all the pretty beads to get lost in the whole thing. So....I made a bracelet!

I also didn't feel like messing with it too much when I took the picture (ahemthismorning). But as you can see, I didn't let the pretties go to waste! I threaded 18ga wire through the black heart, which I assume was the focal (idk, it was the largest bead), and kind of wire wrapped the ends. Then I started adding other beads. I didn't really have a specific process for putting colors/other beads together, I just made sure to grab a couple of the smaller beads to bracket beads with holes too large for the headpins. That blue heart is still probably my favorite! The clasp is just gorgeous, too! And I was thinking when I was surveying all the polka dots, that if I didn't already have the perfect Mother's Day present for my mom, she would love this! So I guess I'll just have to keep it ;) And make myself some earrings with the leftovers, and if I can think of something creative, maybe a necklace using mostly chain and a couple beads that wouldn't work on the bracelet. 

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