Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What I Did(n't) Get Done

Welllll, today was, not exactly a waste, but I could use a do-over.  Thought we were going to do our morning walk so I set my alarm early, and heard some shuffling around, but it was just my dad leaving to go somewhere early.  So, I rolled over and went back to sleep and figured someone would slam a door or something and that would wake me up.  Not so.  Woke up at 10.  Not cool.  I DID however, get registered for classes ALL BY MY LONESOME.  I got really excited about them, too, and was slightly disappointed to see that the Shakespeare class I wanted was full.  I'm done every day with my classes before 1.  My mom says this is good, and I can work a part time job.  I say I'll wait and see what my homework load is like with 15 credit hours of classes.  I would LIKE to be able to support myself with making jewelry.  A job at Maurice's, however, sounds enticing because I love that store.  I wonder how well they'll work with schedules.  And maybe I could go straight there after lunch and be home in the evenings, depending on how their shifts work....

Mental slap time.  Back to my to-do list for today.  Did not get laundry done.  Did not organize necklaces.  DID move hung earrings to a more out-of-the-way location.  DID get a necklace I'm considering as a signature piece made and it will be my entry for the door prize/raffle for the craft fair.  Did not order boxes from Fire Mountain Gems.  DID order two filigree/findings mixes, and three different kinds of earring backs.  Oh, well.  I might keep the boxes for shipping and wrap the things at the craft fair in tissue paper.  Sounds like a better plan, anyway.  I should start amassing some purple and gold things to get some ECU Pirate-y spirit going on.  Had a brilliant idea this weekend.  I was thinking of offering a discount for ECU students for my Etsy shop.  I'll tell them (somehow) to look for things on Etsy tagged "ecu" or "ecupirates" or "purpleandgold" and then to look for my shop, and use discount code whatever at checkout.  Seems like an awesome idea to me.  I've heard that there's somewhere on campus you can sell your stuff as long as it's ECU-themed. 

To-do list for tomorrow:  Morning--LAUNDRY.  Earrings?  Two pair?  Evening:  sleep.  Have to work early in the morning.  Well, opening shift. 

Night, all!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Been A While

Yes, I know it's been awhile.  I have no excuses.  I did start a Facebook page and gathered a few follwers in the hopes that it could meybe boost sales.  I'll be heading off to college in a little under two months now (!!) and I'm trying not to lose heart.  I really want to get things off the ground so I don't have to worry about juggling a "real" part-time job with 15-16 credit hours of classes--which is what they say you need to take to graduate on time.  Ugh.  Bonus:  I got alllll my earrings hung on little cards I ordered from etsy (with some help) and I'm going to set up a table at a craft show.  It's a great  deal, too: $30 for the table and entering 1 piece for a door prize, they don't take any of your profits.  Which is wonderful!!  I hope things start looking better soon, I really do.  And I just remembered that tomorrow I will be organizing all my jewelry.  I can't wait (did you her the sarcasm?).