Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spotty blogger....

I guess I'm just doomed to be a sporadic blogger until I can learn some discipline...

I've recently decided that my shop needs a MAJOR looking-at.  Overhaul.  Renovation.  Whatever.  It just needs it.  I've never really know what my "brand" is, and, looking back, I should have thought about this at the beginning before I started selling jewelry at all.  I have two distinctive styles that seem to have emerged:  elegant and usually sparkly, and bright, colorful, whimsy.  These two things really cannot be reconciled.  I did, however, enjoy the time I spent making jewelry to go along with my whole Once Upon A Time tv obsession.  Fairytale jewelry.  Now that's a theme that can get away with both elegance and whimsy.  So, I'm now reordering my shop to be all fairytale-like in nature.  A bunch of listings keep expiring, and, honestly, they're the el cheapo earrings and bracelets that shouldn't have made it into the shop in the first place.  So, I'm only renewing the listings that look remotely fairytaleish.

In the meantime, I'm attempting to reconcile hummingbirds and fairies for a new banner, since I'm not changing my shop name.

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