Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It's official!

My Etsy shop is now officially Fairytales & Fandoms! I've got a cool new banner and logo, and I rearranged ALL THE THINGS last night into new categories, so now I'm ready to go!!


First, though, whilst moving listings last night, I noticed that I *still* need new photos for some of the different things. SO. Before I add anything new (which, basically, is not much...), I've got some photos to retake. But after that, it's Add New Stuff time!

I particularly want to get some fandom-themed things in, since that IS part of the shop name. We'll have to see how it goes. I need to dive into Season 2 of Once Upon A Time to see what kind of awesome jewelry Regina has there. I love her costumes. She always looks awesome. But I digress.

Head on over to the shop and tell me what you think!

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