Monday, March 3, 2014

A bit of news...

Recently, as you can see from the last couple of posts, I've taken up metal stamping. Mostly because I've always liked the freedom to customize a piece for my own needs, and because it looked fun. But all of my stamped metal pieces clash with my beaded pieces, and even though I love beads, I've finally decided that I'm going to start phasing my strung pieces out of my Etsy shop.

What this means:

For those pieces I have that haven't sold, I'm either going to mark down or leave them be, and if they still haven't sold by the time they expire, they stay expired.

I may also either start a destash shop or at least a section to try to get rid of beads that I know I'm never going to use in a piece for myself. I'm not getting rid of every bead I have (horrors!) because I'll probably continue to make things for myself, or if my dad needs a last-minute gift for my mom like he usually does XD.

What this doesn't mean:

I'm not going to completely discontinue every piece of strung jewelry in my shop. The only pieces I will keep in there are my Once Upon A Time pieces, because I love doing those, and I am going to continue making those pieces.

I enjoy making these stamped pieces because I can let off some of my fangirliness (that's a word now) about my favorite things, like Doctor Who, and Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars, and Shakespeare, and on and on and on. And I know other people like to have things like these that are from their favorite fandoms, and this brand just suits me better than trying to rationalize why a necklace fits with a fairytale theme.

Now as far as all this jewelry goes...I hope I'm not going to be stuck with too many pieces after it's all phased out, but if I am...thoughts on what to do with it all?

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