Monday, January 24, 2011

Keep Plugging On

Really trying to build up my stock here in jewelry, as well as try new things.  I follwed a couple patterns in an old Stringing magazine that I'd really liked and then tried doing them differently. 

Also trying to use up all these little findings I got forever and a day ago in a findings assortment from FMG (that's Fire Mountain Gems) by making earrings, and even a dainty little focal.  I'm behind on my picture taking because it always seems to be cloudy or otherwise dark when I'm ready to take pictures.  I'll get them done and posted soon, I suppose.  Yeah, I know, I say that a lot and then never do it, but I suppose my intentions are good.

Going through an Etsy success shop makeover series right's pretty helpful, actually.  I have also discovered that while I'm getting the hang of my crimping beads, wrapped loops are a whole new animal.  Whole.  New.  Animal.  It's not really that they're hard; they just require....patience....

Will update soon! (hopefully with pictures!)

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