Friday, October 21, 2011

New Supplies!

I ordered some waxed linen in different colors from Royalwood, Ltd.  They have some really awesome colors there, and it got here super fast!  Maybe that's just because it was shipping from Ohio instead of Washington State, though. ;)  I now see the difference in the plys, too.  When I was looking at them online, I was totally confused, but now that I've got them up close and can see the difference.  I'll probably order more of the 4 ply in the future, but I got 4 ply and 3 ply.  This is definitely not as waxy as the waxed linen I got from Rings&Things, but it cost a little more for a longer spool.  And yes, I have PICTURES!  I'll probably catch up on my jewelry pictures this weekend, but I wanted to take pictures of the pretty colors and dive in.  I just love the dark green!!  The other colors are Williamsburg Blue and Plum.  The smaller spool is the one from Rings&Things.  I've also got my antiqued brass ball chain in a ginormous-looking spool, and dark brown leather cord.  I have black cord and some black rhinestone chain, too, but I like the woodsy colors right now.  So excited!  Here is an overview shot:

And more of a closeup collage that took me forEVER because I was going about it the wrong way:

I also finally took pictures of one of my wrap bracelets.  It's the newest one I've done, and I think I've finally got the measurements down for an "average" size double wrapped bracelet.  Now I can just go crazy with my new colors!

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  1. Hi, i love your bracelets.
    where did you get the roll of brass bead chain?
    Best regards