Friday, November 4, 2011


I think I may actually be drowning here.  I have WAY too much on my plate for the month of November.  For one thing, I haven't had a chance to take new pix of my stuff since it's been so cloudy or I've had more important things to do, like, say, essays....  I also am going to have to not do a booth at this craft bazaar/fair even though the space is a super good deal.  I'm very disappointed about this, but I just don't have the time/money to be shopping for things for a setup, and I don't want to be in that big a rush to be making boatloads of jewelry and have to lug it all there and back again by myself.  I think I will do a home jewelry party that weekend, though.  It's much more manageable, and I won't be freaking out nearly as much.

I also have two, count 'em, TWO research papers to do for the same teacher (different classes).  And I have a presentation for one of those classes on a chapter out of our book, which shouldn't be too hard to do, and another presentation for the other class on how our research paper is going and what it's about.  Trying to knock out the chapter one first, since it doesn't involve a research paper. 

On top of all that, as if I feel the sick need to torture myself further, I have decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year.  November is National Novel Writers Month.  You commit to writing a 50,000 word novel in a month.  Yes, I am woefully behind.  I need to catch up.  I am in over my head. 

I will do this.  If for nothing else than to say later, "You think your month of November was crazy?!  Look at mine!"  It will be awesome if I actually manage to pull all this off and still sell some jewelry.

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