Sunday, December 25, 2011

On the first day of Christmas....

Merry Christmas, everyone!  I participated in a gift exchange hosted by Lorelei Eurto, who had the idea for a 12 Days of Christmas gift exchange, with 12 participants.  Well, today was the first day of Christmas, and from Lorelei, I recieved:  A cute button bracelet!  I literally wore it all day.  I think my mom is jealous, because she's a button person.  I just love the different earthy tones in the buttons, and the little LE/owl tag is just so CUTE!  My mom got a fancy new camera and a lens and I got to play with the lens while her camera charged since it'll fit on mine.  I'm jealous.  This thing takes closeups from across the room.  It's awesome.  Takes a steady hand though, definitely.  Enjoy the pics!  Thanks, Lorelei!

Closeup of the cute owl tag

the full bracelet, with the L.E. side of the tag

another closeup

closeup again; I was having fun with the camera lens :)

all 11 gifts--they managed to not get crushed, at least!
My dad was like, "Aren't you going to open the other ones?"  "It's the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.  One for each day."  "Oh."  I'm pretty sure I had explained it before.  Looking forward to tomorrow's, from Jennifer Heynen.  Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their holiday!


  1. Love your bracelet! I wore mine all day today too! So excited about tomorrow!!!

  2. Love my bracelet too, but haven't worn it yet. And I noticed eveyone's butto bracelets are different. I think maybe Miss L might be an overacheiver!

  3. Glad you love it!! Each one is different! Thank you for participating!!