Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Seriously, I need to organize my stuff

I somehow managed to either lighten the bead load or just sucked it up and hauled the container down a couple flights of stairs to my car when coming home for Christmas.  Then I spent a while yesterday looking for pliers and half-finished projects and missing containers....yeah, not very fun.  I was pawing through one of my containers when I noticed that I had heavy colonial jasper nuggets mixed in with my precious breakable, chippable, otherwise fragile apatite briolette babies.  So I emptied out a container compartment and picked out every single tiny teardrop.  Then I did the same with my citrine briolettes that were also in there, and my sunstone rectangles.  What was I thinking, piling heavy stones in there with fragile gemstones?!  Then I stopped stalling (I organize when I'm procrastinating) and made a pair of earrings with some Diane Hawkey bird beads I've been hoarding.  They're a very different style than what I usually make to sell, but I decided to make some jewelry for myself for once.

I've recieved all of the 12 Days of Christmas gift swap goodies from the gift swap Lorelei Eurto is doing, and I AM SO EXCITED!!  I'll post a picture of under the tree.... maybe tomorrow, but I'm not making any promises! ;) 

I think I actually learned something about getting over an inspirational slump from this gift exchange.... and I've discovered that I need to get more pendants, because that just seems to make things more fun.  I about went nuts in Michael's and ended up putting most of them back when I was looking for ideas there.  I had one gift partially thought out already, meaning I'd been planning on doing something with it for quite awhile.  One gift I had already made a few days beforehand, and the colors and style looked similar to one of the fellow gift swappers.  I'll let them decide whose it was! :-)  The rest, once I sat down and started working instead of procrastinating, came together really fast, although I had a slight freaking out moment when my boxes wouldn't fit my bubble mailers!  Then I carted the rest of them to the post office, but didn't make it there before they closed and stood there at the automated stamp machine for like 20 minutes getting stamps for everything.  It was fun; it really was.

I broke down and bought some resin finally, to try an experiment with this semester's campus newspapers that were piling up in a drawer.  I got the idea off of a FusionBeads inspiration page.  You can get my general gist here.  Then I bought some scrapbook paper to make more circles when the mini-Michael's I went to didn't have any bezels, because I don't want to waste any resin.  I've been systematically sealing the papers and gluing, and I THINK I'm finally done stalling.  I just don't want to mess it up and waste a batch of resin.  I've got one more sheet of paper to punch out and seal, and after that I think I'll be done procrastinating and ready to mix up the resin.  I really hope this turns out well....

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