Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting It Done

I've been pretty busy today.  Had to go to the grocery store for my mom since she's helping my dad paint stuff for VBS (like a giant mural), so I did that earlier.  Then I spent most of the rest of the day editing the large amount of jewelry pics I'd amassed, then photographing the pieces I hadn't yet, and then editing those.  Now all of my jewelry has been documented. Whew.  I'll probably start posting next week, I'm thinking I'll take tomorrow to come up with good descriptions, measurements and whatnot.  Attempting a new system here.  Hopefully it works.  I've got a little photographing station set up so I just have to take the finished piece and my camera and click away.  I'm tired of trying to fill up all five spaces on Etsy, too.  It's good for some pieces, but for most, I can just get everything people need to see in one shot.  If I need two, then that's fine.  But I've been spending too much time taking picture after picture and it's clogging up my hard drive.  So, we'll see how this new system works!

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