Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NaNo: Day 6 and my week so far...

Well, we're coming to the end of Day 6 of NaNoWriMo, and I've only gotten in a hundred or so words for the day.  I'm not too far from the recommended 10k, though, so it won't be a problem to finish.  Schoolwork is rearing its head, though, especially since tomorrow is my 5-class marathon.  I've got breaks in between at a couple points, though, and luckily I don't really have that much to do.  What I DO need to concentrate on is my Shakespeare paper due next Monday, so after shining up my cover letter for class tomorrow, I'm going to dash off the 900 or so words to meet today's goal, and then start an outline for my paper.  There.  I've written it down and put it out on the Internet so everyone can see me and hold me accountable for it ;-)

In other, perhaps more exciting news, business in the Etsy shop is picking up quite nicely.  Definitely need to craft some more Once Upon A Time pieces since those are getting the most views, hearts, and sales.  Sold one of my babies the other day--I was very proud of that piece.  Etsy's also added a way to print/purchase shipping labels through them, which made my life INFINITELY easier when it came to getting stuff ready to ship.  Paypal is just so pricey, and I hate having to go to the post office--especially the one closest to my apartment.  The people aren't nearly as nice there.  Which reminds me--I've got to find time in there somewhere tomorrow to go to the post office.

Aaand I'm procrastinating at this point--more NaNo updates to come!

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