Saturday, January 26, 2013

In a Rut...

Well, a bit. I keep meaning to upload pictures and then keep forgetting. I should also be uploading pictures for new listings as well, and I haven't exactly done that, either.

I've added another hobby in addition to beading: knitting. Not with needles, but on a round loom. I've made a few hats now, and I'm trying new stitches based on patterns for squares in a book I got. I really want to makes a scarf, but I'm trying to learn all these different stitches beforehand so I can familiarize myself with them and be less likely to royally screw up a project. The yarn I've been using in my latest project is acrylic and wool and I really want to make a hat out of it because it's so WARM. But I have to finish this square first.

I did make a little spiderweb-looking pendant out of a random hoop and some wire for my Shakespeare class staged reading Friday. I was doing a little part in one bit as a fairy named Cobweb, and had the sudden "Hey! Let's make a spiderweb pendant!" idea the day before. Not as easy as I thought it'd be. It turned out looking more like a dream catcher or something, but I whipped it up in like ten minutes and the wire I was working with was I think 26ga. Stiff enough for me to cut myself with once (didn't notice till yesterday), and stiff enough to hold the shape, but almost a little too stiff to look like a web. I think it got the point across, though.

Staying afloat (so far!) with all the reading I have for my classes, and with everything I'm learning with my internship. I feel like I need to break out my beads, but then again I'm almost done with this square on the loom... Compromise: do BOTH. There.

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