Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

Happy New Year, everyone!  Now that the Christmas rush is done and over with, I'm free to bead anything I want :D  I did make my mom two necklaces-- one from me, one from my brother--and my dad went and bought a bunch of jewelry off me LITERALLY on Christmas Eve. That's okay though, he paid in cash. *teehee*  Made an attempt of my own version of a Silpada bracelet with what I had in the stash, which didn't exactly turn out too well. I got all excited about it, too. *sigh* Fixed a bunch of jewelry for my aunt today, which reminds me, I need to fix a necklace for my grandmother before she visits... *scribbles on to-do list*  I got the first season of Once Upon A Time for Christmas, so I put that in and started working on a necklace.  My back is now killing me, but at least I kept the little slivers of wire from flying all the way across the room.  Mostly.  I also took my polymer clay focals I made forever ago and gave them a nice clear coat of...nail polish. Cuz that's all I had.  But it works as far as keeping all the gold powder on them from getting everywhere.  I even used one of the little birdy beads in the necklace I made.  I don't know where my memory card reader is so I'll have to wait on the pictures. I might even list the rest of the beads.  Oh, I did use another one to make an ocean-themed necklace.  It was a sand dollar pendant, and I strung it and some glass pearls onto some brown waxed linen cording.  Very beachy.

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