Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Back! *crickets*

I have no excuse for why it's taken me this long to update, especially since I've been on "vacation" this week....! But I HAVE been making jewelry and of course I haven't posted any of it because I haven't taken pictures because I'm lazy like that. But let's not beat that dead horse into the ground anymore.

So my mom says the other day that I should wear more of my jewelry so when people ask me, I can tell them I made it and direct them to my shop or comission a piece for them. But I said that most of the jewelry I make doesn't go with anything I have. So I decided to make some. But before I get to that.... Tuesday, I believe, my dad came up to me and asked if I'd make a necklace and earrings set for my mom, because their anniversary is in a week. AND he'd pay of course I said yes and went to Michael's the next day and got a bunch of stuff, none of which I ended up using. I DID however, use the goldstone/blue goldstone swirly beads with blue goldstone rounds between them to make a very respectable-looking necklace, and then a pair of earrings with the leftover swirly beads. I'll post pictures tomorrow, because the light in my room is very green. I was kind of nervous, though, because the beads aren't traditionally "pretty." But my dad didn't say anything (aside from the fact my mom was 20 ft away), so I suppose it'll be all right. She does like goldstone. I even had some organza bags to put them in, although you can see right through them.

But anyway, I had a half-formed idea to do something with these purple glass and amethyst beads and silver rose chain connectors for my mom, but that kind of fell through in favor of the goldstone, because my mom tends to go for a more traditional look versus an artsy look....unless she REALLY likes it. So I decided to make a necklace for myself. Without stringing, because I hate crimp beads with a hot and fiery passion. Though it is faster. So I started laying out my necklace while watching the end of PotC 3, which I had started when I made my mom's. I was sitting on some pillows on the floor with my bead tray/mat in my lap. I made about a 20" necklace (again, I'll post pictures tomorrow)and had some beads left over. So I made a bracelet in the same style. and then I had a couple rose connectors left, so I used those in a pair of earrings. All of which I wore today. It was a little after 10 when I came into my room. I unfolded myself from my position on the floor, looked at the clock....and....12:37am?! Stringing is much faster, but using eyepins and findings is much prettier. Although my thumb hurts because I was bending the wire up against it for lack of another solid surface.

I also restrung my challenge necklace for perhaps the fourth or fifth time and was FINALLY satisfied. I made a couple of bracelets yesterday....or maybe it ws just the one.... And today I made some necklaces and a bracelet and restrung a bracelet that was just a smidge too tight. I will put pictures up tomorrow, along with the challenge pictures!

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