Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I really do feel badly for not updating since....whenever.  I've had things to blog about, sure, I just....haven't gotten around to it....lame excuse, I know.  Well, here's my update.  I ordered some ball chain, waxed linen and leather cord....yes, to make a wrap bracelet!  Still in the experimentation phase....I seem to struggle with getting the length right, mostly.  And I have discovered that I don't have very many beads that will work as the clasp.  I also ordered some nice wire to try with the wire wrapping book I got a while back.  I forgot that I ordered the gold-filled wire two gauges smaller than the recommended gauge.  It was thinner and definitely made a difference.  But I managed to make a bracelet that turned out decently.  It's a smidge too tight for me, so I might see if my grandmother would like it when she comes down this weekend....and I'll have to remember to give it another half an inch in length for next time.  It was fun, if not a little frustrating though.  Well, I've got class starting at 8 am tomorrow, all three of my least favorite classes in one day.  Time to crash.

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