Friday, May 11, 2012

Busy busy bee....

Hey look, an update!  Well, I've been keeping rather busy despite not doing much of anything.  I applied for a couple more jobs and I have an interview Monday.  Still haven't mentioned that one to my mother.  Maybe I'll save it for Sunday....?  Lol. Which reminds me...still need a gift. I wanted to get her an Amazon gift card, but there's a decided lack of funding. Maybe my dad will take pity on me :-).

I've pretty much been watching ABC's Once Upon A Time nonstop since last week's episode.  Hulu's awesome.  Even if they are charging now. It's the same price as my Netflix plan, and since I'd rather watch TV shows than movies at the moment, I've discontinued my Netflix for now.  I'll probably start it back up in the fall, though.  Anyways, all the fairy tales have me inspired for once, and I thoroughly embraced that in my jewelry-making.  Kinda run out of steam at this point, which means I need to stop sitting on my hands and start photographing these pretties.  I may hang on to one of the necklaces.  It was one of those moments where I was laying it out on my tray and I knew it was going to be amazing once I finished it.  I'll have to post pictures once I take them.

As far as writing goes, I'm honing my flash fiction abilities.  And rather enjoying it, too.  I submitted a few pieces to National Flash Fiction Day's Flash Flood Journal, and one of them got accepted!  It will be featured on the site at 2 am on May 16th.  I'm so excited! I've also sent another piece out elsewhere, and I'm looking in to other writing contests.  Maybe if I start hacking my way into the writing world now, slowly, while I'm still in school, it won't be as painfully difficult to get in once I'm done with school?  I'm staying positive, and looking at lots of options so not all of my eggs are in one basket.  As long as I keep writing....

I think I've discovered that my tendecy is toward the fantastic when it comes to fiction.  I tried a work-related flash piece, and it honestly wasn't my favorite.  The romance is fun, too, but there's just something about fantasy  and magic, drama and romance, murder and the unusual that draws me.  It's what I enjoy writing, and if I enjoy it, others will, too, right?  That's my logic, at least. :-)


  1. Congrats on the National Flash Fiction acceptance! I sent in two and one was accepted and will be up at 8 pm (BST). Such fun!!

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