Friday, October 26, 2012

The Impending Doom that will be the Month of November...

According to my Official NaNoWriMo Countdown Clock, which I cannot find a way to transport here, there are five days, one hour, and various change of minutes and seconds until November 1st, aka The Longest Month of My Life. Apart from this 50k novel I am DETERMINED to conquer/complete, I will also have two 7-10 pg (each) research papers and one 1800-2k wd Shakespeare essay due. No sweat, no...*looks at previous sentence* *gulps* sweat. I will do this. I WILL. I have the most adorable little writing buddy owlet, whose name is Percy. Look him up on my Twitter/Instagram. Tres adorable (say it in French!)! I have a feeling he's going to take on a WHOLE personality during the month of November, if he's not already firmly established by then. I may even write him into the story in some way/shape/form, if I can think of one. Trying not to get carried away here...

I also need to get in gear (majorly) involving The Etsy Shop, since November is the Ultimate Shopping Month (mostly). Well, it contains *shudder* Black Friday and Cyber Monday, anyway. I finally have my usual backdrop with me, so I can retake pictures of my most recent pieces and that way they'll actually match the rest of the shop. The Once Upon A Time line seems to be doing rather well, that phrase in general is generating a lot of views and favs onto my site. I'll post some pics once I have the new ones. I love trying to recreate Regina's jewelry from what I have; it really challenges me to think creatively and then I come up with some *coughs modestly* truly spectacular stuff. I must say, though, whoever does the Evil Queen's costuming on that show has fan-freaking-tastic taste. I'm also thrilled to have a bought pendant of Nancy Schindler's to play with for a Captain Hook-inspired piece! Note to self: must get that done this weekend!

Therefore, I shall plunge headlong into the month of November and hope I come out alive (and with passing grades)!

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