Monday, August 22, 2011

All Moved In

Sorry, no design boards today!  I think I missed last week too?  This past week has been crazy with the packing and moving and moving in....*sigh*  But I am all moved in now, and I HAVE INTERNET!  That was a pain.  Took them like forever to install it, but they finally did.  I was by myself Wednesday thru Saturday morning, when I drove back home for the weekend.  I'm not gonna lie, that was just a little but scary.  Friday night it rained a lot, so I didn't have to worry about potential partiers.  This is most definitely a college town.  Met one roommate last night when I came back, and one today, who I kind of already knew.  They're both really nice and everyone's so glad that we all know how to wash our own dishes and we're not all slobs.  :-)

Told them I make jewelry and proceeded to bring it all out and show them.  OH!  And I found the bead store here, Dragonfly Beads.  They have lots of cool charms and stuff.  They were having a bead show when I went and I bought two ceramic purple and gold beads to make into earrings--school colors!  Also found the Michael's in my day of driving around and generally getting lost.  There's an A.C. Moore, too, but I haven't been in yet because I was more interested in the Barnes & Noble.

I haven't re-opened my shop yet, mostly because I want to see how a job kind of fits in with the whole routine before I go adding more jewelry and stuff....

Well, my first day of classes is tomorrow, starting bright and early at 8am....blegh.  I really hope I'm ready for this.  Well, the classes are fine, but I'm really nervous about the whole transit bus system thing.  I hope and pray it all goes well tomorrow....

Think I'll go put off going to sleep a little bit longer now!

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