Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Short Update

Just a short update so I don't fall into the habit of not blogging while my shop is on vacation...

I've officially had all my classes's going to be an interesting semester.  I've got two Linguistics classes with the same teacher.  He's pretty laid-back but definitely a bit set in his opinions, I think.  That was a contradictory statement.  Deal with it.  He's not rude about it or anything, but it makes me want to keep my mouth shut even though he says he welcomes different opinions.  They should prove to be interesting classes nonetheless.

Grammar makes me want to shoot something on the other hand.  My teacher did warn us that the first half of the semester was going to be tedious.  She was NOT exaggerating.  Whe gave us two chapters to read of about 4 pages each and then the practice sheets and exercises to do afterward.  The first lesson I was fine on.  I had to call my mom, who homeschools my brother and knows this stuff pretty well, for the second lesson.  The answers were in the back of the book, but I was getting so many of them wrong that I was frustrated and cranky and by that time it was like 7pm and I still hadn't had dinner.  So I walked away, made a Really Awesome Sandwich (I should patent that term), and then called my mom after some more floundering around.  I finally got the hang of it, with only two or three out of the forty that didn't have the answers in the back of the book.

British Lit class is kind of crazy.  Discovered that I can understand Dutch.  Well, English-speakers can because it's very similar.  At least she's energetic about her subject, which is good when you're reading Chaucer and Beowulf.  Blegh.  Kill me now.

French is, well, French.  The teacher's really cool for not operating computers (he says that's our generation).  If he rattles off a sentence in French he'll at least tell us what he said if he gets a lot of blank stares.  Probably because it's level 1.  I hope it's not too hard, but I hope it's not a really easy A because I had French 3 and barely passed it and that was about 2 years ago.  

I know I'm kind of rambling and I'm cutting this off abruptly because I can't think straight anymore.  I'm also turning off another episode of the Mentalist in the middle of it.  I need to go get stuff for the hurricane tomorrow....*whimper* <-- not the hurricane, just the shopping for it.

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