Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cracking the Whip

Took a little bit of a break over the holiday weekend.  Now I'm busy trying to get enough stuff for my table at a craft fair on the 16th.  Still haven't gotten any word about which table I'm at or anything, starting to get a little anxious about that.

Had ALL day today and only got two things made.  One was a pair of earrings for this set that I started making on Monday.  Strung the necklace Monday night, then wire-wrapped half the bracelet Tuesday and Wednesday night, and made the earrings today.  It's a combination of these pale peach-y looking stones whose name I have forgotten and some slightly smaller blue goldstone rounds.  My typing is terrible tonight.  Hitting the backspace about every other word.  I was going to try to do something with these big glass pearls after a design in a Bead Style magazine, but I just don't know if it would sell.  I suppose if it didn't, then I could always keep it....

Trying not to go crazy with all I have to do here, but look!  I updated! No, no.  No need to applaud. ;-)

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