Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today was an awesome day.  Went to the beach super early, found some cool shells--and maybe one or two to use in a necklace?  We got home by 11:30.  I declared today to be the day to go see Harry Potter 7 pt.2.  And so we did.  It rocked.  I'm not even going to nitpick (yet ;D) about it.  So that got me in one of my "moods."  You know, those moments where you have to make something, and you have to start on it NOW!

I've watched Harry Potter movie marathons before while making jewelry and, for some reason, it always inspires me.  Today, I am happy to say, was no different.  I put in the verrrry first movie at around 3:30, 3:45, and started on a bracelet.  Took me all the way till around 6 when dinner was ready, and then another hour and a half to two hours to make it.  But it was worth it.  I absolutely LOVE this bracelet!  I used all glass pearls to make it.  The supersized pearls are from Michael's, but all the others are from a glass pearl mix from Fire Mountain Gems.  Gotta love them!  And since I love this bracelet so much, I took pictures of it in bad lighting AND with a flash.  Somewhere, my digital photography teacher is cringing. :-)  Here they are!

I really think the single black pearl gives it character.  I mean, it's gorgeous with the cream white and the ivory white, but the black pearl adds a little bit of personality, I think. 

I'm still tossing around names for it.  Black Pearl's Bounty, Black Pearl's Curse (it was a Scott O'Dell book first, PotC fans!).  On With the Bling, Supersize Me....any ideas?

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