Saturday, July 16, 2011

Whirlwind Week

Well, that was a busy week!  Today was the craft show down at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Havelock.  I spent this week in full panic mode, making jewelry just about every day.  Well, no, I think I put price tags on the jewelry one day, than made two bracelets another day, then made a couple pair of earrings another day, then priced some more....yeah, I pretty much panicked.  And possibly overreacted as to how much merchandise I actually needed. 

I didn't take my camera (that didn't even make the list of "stuff to bring"), so no pictures, but I think I can describe it pretty well for you:  Table, light blue spread of fabric, jewelry all arranged on it. 

That's it. 

I didn't particularly want to spend the money on pricey displays, but I think what I'll do in the future is get something for my bracelets, at least, and one or two necklace displays.  And possibly something to prop the earrings up on.  Although I did discover that on 90% of the earrings, they'd stand up on the ends of the earwires if you balanced them  just right. 

So, lessons learned?
  • One:  Next time, take some stuff to make risers under the fabric for different levels; more height looks like  more stuff.
  • Two:  You can never have too many pairs of earrings.  Especially the $10 ones.
  • Three:  Find a lightweight table instead of absconding with one from the church barn.  Well, we didn't really abscond with it, per se, but that thing was HEAVY.
  • Four:  Do not wait until the night before to get the table, only to discover that your dad's truck broke and you have to fit a 6ft table into a 4 1/2-5ft trunk.  He did have it fixed by the time the show was over. :-)
  • Five:  Make the most of your 8ft x 8ft space.  Do an L-shape, or go on both sides with little tables, or do  a little corner thing.  Make it cool-looking.
  • Six:  I'm actually running out of things to say, but bullets really grab your attention, don't they?
Overall, I think it went fairly well, being my first show and all.  The turnout was....decent....but the church didn't really advertise other than word of mouth.  It was their first craft show, too, so I guess they'll have their little "plus-delta" meeting and discuss what to do next year or whenever their next craft show is.

I am exhausted, but overall in a positive mood!

Here's something to laugh at:

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