Monday, July 18, 2011

Now What?

I feel kind of lost now that I don't have a craft show to panic--I mean prepare--for!  I did, however, get the wheels turning in my mind and made a bracelet and a pair of earrings yesterday.  I'll try to start posting more pictures, I know I'm really bad about that.  The bracelet came about from this little focal I made for a necklace, but I could not for the world figure out what kind of necklace to make, so it finally came to me to make it a bracelet!  It's really kind of cute, but it's too big for my wrist.  I suppose I could always adjust it.  I'll have to start adding that disclaimer on my bracelets not strung on beading wire....that they can be lengthened or shortened to the customer's preferred length.  I've started experimenting with superembellishing chain--and yes, I am turning that into a compound word. Why?  Because it looks awesome.  Anyways, I've started experimenting with superembellishing chain with different sizes of beads and got the idea (at the craft fair Saturday--great place to connect and be inspired by some of the nicest people!) to try pearls.  Of course, the only type of pearls I have in any kind of abundance are some glass pearls left over from a rather large assortment from Fire Mountain Gems.  I tried just doing some in a little cluster at the bottom of some chain yesterday.  I kind of like it, but I might add on and embellish the whole chain and then, if I still have some left over, I'll make another pair and try a cluster at the bottom.  I might even do a bracelet and make a set with my already existing multistrand pink pearl necklace.  I should really post some pictures.

In other news, I got my ECU card for refund dispersal today.  It came super fast, too.  Must be because I'm not that far away.  I'll have to call Pirate's Place tomorrow just to double check and make sure I can pay my rent with this card before I pick which method of disbursment.  I should be able to rest easy when buying my books now, although I might go ahead and buy one or two of the more cost-efficient books.  After  I pay my first month's rent.  And in better news, my contacts did not break the bank like I thought they would.  But I left the extra money from savings in my account anyways because I was going to take it out to pay rent at the end of the week when I get paid.  I also deposited the money from the craft fair before I had a chance to spend it so that way I may use, for books or something (college books).

Well, I'm exhausted, and we're getting up at 6 in the lovely a.m. to walk again tomorrow, so I'm peacing out and crashing.  Night all!

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