Monday, July 25, 2011

Trying Something New

In a truly spectacular (for me, at least) endeavor to not neglect my blog, I'm trying something new--for me.  I'm going to start putting together little design boards for Mondays, pairing jewelry I've made with outfits so you can kind of see what it would go with.  Nothing fancy, just a little something fun.  I've seen other blogs/websites that so this, and I've always wished I could.  So, today I said, "Why not?"  The featured store for the time being is Maurice's, one of my I-spend-far-too-much-money-there stores.  Here's this week's design board: 

Pretty in Pink

Earrings are made by me and are now available here on Etsy, everyhing else is from Maurice's!

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  1. Fantastic! I'd love to see a link to your earrings. ;-)