Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Glad That's Over!

I seriously thought I was going to have a meltdown last week.  Glad I didn't.  I was starting to overreact Friday while I was packing everything up for the jewelry party when I discovered a hidden stash of earrings I'd forgotten about.  Saved.  It was a fairly decent haul, made a bunch of money off my dad, too ;).  I ended up making about as much (minus my dad) as I did at the only craft show I've done, and that was in two hours with less people.  But more stuff.  It turns out it was a good idea bringing some supplies with me, because a lady my mom knows was looking at two memory wire bracelets I'd made with champagne and burgundy glass pearls but wanted to know if I could do another one with just the champagne pearls.  Lucky me, I had those very same pearls with me. :)  It was a fun time--one person brought a friend, so they both got a free pair of earrings.  Those people actually bought more than one thing, too.  I think if I do another one, this close to Christmas is a bad idea.  Our church does a live nativity, so there were a lot of people helping get started on that, and it was a panic week for me with all of my teachers trying to get stuff in before Thanksgiving, AND I've been preoccupied with NaNoWriMo.  Which I am stalling on right now, but just consider this my typing warm-up.  On the to-do list for after Thanksgiving break:  two research papers and LISTING NEW ITEMS!

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