Friday, November 18, 2011

My last couple titles have been onomotopoeia, have you noticed?

I'm trying to keep my head above water at this point, but the treading water is really starting to feel like a bunch of floundering around uselessly.  I nearly had a meltdown last night as the realization of exactly how much work I had to do finally sank in.  For starters, I have two research papers due on the last day of class for those classes, December 6, to be exact.  I'm trying not to freak out about that just yet.  I'm stuck in Milton, do not understand any of it, and am having to consult SparkNotes to translate for me what I just read.  That's going slightly okay.  I only seem to be contributing to my novel when I'm at a write-in, but I'm halfway through, and the Night Of Writing Dangerously is this Sunday night.  Six glorious hours of writing!!  I can hardly wait.  I had two presentations this week; or rather, I was supposed to have two presentations.  The first was talking about my research paper, so I at least have a rough outline prepared for me.  The second was on a chapter out of our text, and because the prof wouldn't shut up and let the people talk, we ran over in time and I have to present next week.  Which I'd prefer anyway because I need to check on some pronunciations. 

As far as my French homework goes....well, that was what just about caused the meltdown last night.  I was trying to do the listening parts of my homework, not understanding any of it, and then my roommate whose week it is to clean decides that 9:30 is a good time to clean and vaccum the downstairs.  She ran that thing at least three times.  Drove.  Me.  Nuts.  This is the same roommate I mentioned in my last post, by the way, are you sensing a trend?  I finally got the listening done and went to copy the pages out of the workbook because I don't write in my workbook when I see that I don't have nearly enough ink.  I honestly about crumpled up in a corner and cried.  Then I calmed down and decided that I would just have to write in the workbook, and it might not even be due today, although we don't have class Monday.  I'm really hoping it's not, but I'll write in the dang workbook if I have to. 

On top of that, I picked a really bad week to decide to have this jewelry party.  I've been going crazy trying to get stuff together in between all of this schoolwork and writing and just zonking out in the middle of the day because I'm so exhausted.  I'm taking stuff home today to keep working on some jewelry, simple things like bracelets and earrings.  Necklaces take far too long unless I already have a plan in mind.  I also need to remember to get some fresh Krispy Kreme before I go home and try to remember to not freak out and everything will be okay.  Deep breaths, deeeeeep cleansing breaths.

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