Friday, November 11, 2011


This blog is really starting to turn into a ranting blog.  So everyone's just gonna have to deal, because the alternative is me going crazy. XD 

I'm doing NaNoWriMo, as I mentioned before.  I went to Panera for a nice bowl of soup tonight before going to an impromptu write-in at Barnes&Noble at 6.  I was there until about 9 or so.  I come back, and the first thing I notice when I get to the door is that it's already unlocked.  Instant disapproval, since the roommate I've been having issues with--we'll call her Krissy, cuz that's her name & she doesn't read this--flipped out last week when both us (there's 3 of us) were home and one of us forgot to lock the door and she came in and freaked and left a NOTE on the fridge.  Like that's now our place to give vent to our spleens (love that Middle Ages term) and get away with it.  The next thing I see is a group of people sitting all over the living room, and I don't even know who it is that invited them, because she's not down here, but I'm assuming it's Krissy since I don't think Jessie would do that without telling us.  Yep, just heard her.  I had thought that Jessie went home for the weekend anyway, but I could be wrong.  Then one girl asks if she can use my bathroom.  I said sure go ahead, and then went into my room and proceeded to shut the door and turn the tv up loud.  And then I remembered that I forgot to put more toilet paper in the bathroom.  I'm not replacing it until they're gone, either.  This is NOT acceptable, cool, going o fly, I really don't care about parallel structure at this point either.  I am NOT going to be here after this semester.

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