Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Think My Eyes Are About to Glaze Over

I've been working on pictures and listings All.  Day.  Decided, what the heck, I might as well start photographing stuff now.  So I spent a couple hours this morning taking pictures of EVERY piece of jewelry I hadn't photographed or listed before.  And I discovered:  I have a lot of jewelry lying around.  So I've been editing in batches and then listing those.  In between that somewhere I had to pack my duffel bag, get everyone's dinner order, go get it once they got close enough to still have hot food, and race them back to the apt.  I hadn't quite finished packing when I went to go get the food and they got to the apartment before I was back and had to wait for me to open the gate.  They could have gone through, but they waited so they'd know I was coming....luckily my grandparents have made the move from dial-up to wi-fi, so I can still update my shop.  My views exploded today from all the new listings.  And I've decided to have a Black Friday coupon, a Saturday/weekend coupon, and a Cyber Monday coupon!  I won't be able to ship until Saturday (if we get back that early) or Monday, but I'll go ahead and list the discounts now (You have to WAIT for the codes!) Black Friday:  20% off total purchase!  Saturday&Sunday:  Free Shipping!  Cyber Monday:  15% off and free shipping with two or more items, PLEASE make sure you convo me for the shipping code for that, because it WILL BE DIFFERENT from the weekend's code.  Okay, I think that should do it for sales info, everyone have a very happy and SAFE Thanksgiving, please don't burn anything down!!

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