Friday, March 16, 2012

Attack of the Plot Bunnies!

I enjoyed explaining to my friend what plot bunnies essentially were.  After being so inspired by Tuesday night's writing class that I couldn't concentrate on one thing at a time, we were texting and I mentioned finally understanding what plot bunnies were. The plot ideas that multiply like....rabbits, obviously.  But I've finally settled down and started focusing on one specific story I wanted to tell.  It's more of a scene from the novel I started when our class started, but I decided I'm going to submit a normal short story for my last deadline.  Which is starting to breathe heavily down my neck as it's this Tuesday.  But the plot was stuck in my head, and I've decided to write it down before it drives me absolutely insane.

I've got a killer headache right now, and the yelling and screaming outside my apartment is NOT helping.  You have to wonder exactly what goes on that induces people to start screaming randomly in the middle of the night.  Tomorrow being St. Patrick's Day ought to even more screaming than usual.  I can hardly wait.  Yes, that was sarcasm.  Anyways, I can barely see straight, and a beatnik is playing the bongos in my head right now, so I'm calling it a night.  Hey, I updated in a timely manner for once!

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