Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That Was Interesting....

This past weekend being a "light homework" weekend, I pretty much shoved everything to the side and sat down to finish reading the Hunger Games, which I started over spring break but put down because I forgot I was in the middle of another book.  Finished it in about three hours.  Maybe four.  Luckily, when I was out earlier in the day, I bought Catching Fire.  Started it Saturday night before I remembered I had to be up early Sunday, and reluctantly put it down.  Finished it Sunday afternoon.  Bought Mockingjay yesterday after class and read it.  They were awesome.  I'm still working out my feelings toward the characters and the whole rpemise for the stories, but I don't want to put any spoilers out there from me yet.

I managed to finish my Keeley/Jasper waltz mini-story and work on the piece I was actually submitting for my class.  Got about halfway through before turning the computer off for lack of inspiration.  Started working it out in my head and I realized it only had three possible endings: C1 kills C2.  C2 kills C1.  C1 and C2 band together to get rid of the people trying to kill them both.  Sounds very Mr. & Mrs. Smith-like, but it really wasn't.  But I had a stroke of brilliance that somehow managed to (I think, anyway) combine the first two options.  Kind of.  It's hard to explain.  Then I decided that the character in the end ends up being the head of the organization I've created that my NaNo novel and, eventually, Keeley's novel, are both involved with.  This was all after I turned off my computer, so I furiously tapped out a short note on my iPod, finished it up on Sunday, and edited yesterday.  Story's submitted now.

And I just got a dazzling, brilliant idea for Keeley's first novel.  About where it ends, anyway.  It unfortunately means I'll have to dive into the world of legal procedures.  I'd honestly rather stab myself in the eye with my pen.  Maybe it's not that bad.  But it does work out some snarls in my storyline and helps me establish a more clarified purpose for the story and the things that Keeley goes through.  But I need to buckle down and make margin notes and comment on this week's stories AND do my linguistics homework before I do anything else.  AND read Oliver Twist and do another chunk of my French homework.  Where did my day just go?

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