Monday, April 9, 2012

Insert Head Into Hands

Yeah. Things were going great.  I had my tuition for the summer all calculated out and I was starting to not stress out.  Got my first tuition statement today.  And flipped.  Obviously I either calculated wrong (which is more than likely), or they had some sort of typo on the website, or I still have to pay a mess-ton of fees even though it's a flipping online class.  Sigh.  So, even if I hadn't just bought my new iPod I'd be up a creek.  The problem is that I still have to pay three months' rent even when I'm not going to be in the place.  I'm seriously considering terminating the lease early even if I do have a couple (just 1 for now) exams in the first week of May.  Gas is still less than rent.  For now, anyways.  And I need printer ink.  Large sigh.

Really trying not to hyperventilate here.  Still have three stories to scribble all over, which isn't going to happen until I get more printer ink.  Statement or whatever about my next paper for my BritLit class due Friday--it was originally due tonight.  And my impending research paper for my Intro to Linguistics class is due on the 26th....*whimper* Oh, crap, I have a test tomorrow. Ugh.  Shouldn't be too bad; it's all essays. At least I can ramble on like I know what I'm talking about.

 I got my French homework done, that's a bonus, right? And I've got the highest quiz grade in my BritLit class? Dwelling on the good things here....

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