Thursday, April 19, 2012

Once Upon A Time Flash Fiction Entry!

Yes, I did something productive today not related to schoolwork! Cue drumroll, please!

Love Rekindled Through Social Networking:  We’re Going to Disney World

Looking for specific people online can seem stalkerish, obsessive.  Then you find a boy from your past that likes different movies, books, but they’re still the same ones you like.  Seems like kismet.  Fate.  Meeting him again makes you wonder even more.  Long distance relationships get such a bad rap.  They never work out.  But it’ll never happen.  That stuff only happens in the movies.  But then we find that….spark.  And thank the stars up above it’s so easy to search for people online.  We swear we won’t grow apart again, that we won’t drift again.  We keep talking through e-mail, texting, phone calls.  We meet up again the next summer, just as we had that first summer.  We go to an amusement park and act like complete and total idiots.  Leaves change to ruby, goldenrod, sunset orange.  Caught on fire.  Fall break in the mountains of Virginia.  Official “couple.”  Heavily frosted lawns, iced branches, bitter winds.  Christmas isn’t white, but it’s a good one.  Mutual visiting and celebration of completed finals.  Birthday.  Valentine’s Day.  Explosions of color. Azaleas.  Dogwoods.  Bradford pear.  Wisteria along the highway.  Spring break in Virginia.  He says he’d like to get me a ring but doesn’t have enough for one right now, will I accept his class ring?  I say that sounds like something out of a movie, or a country song.  He laughs because he hates country.  I give a longsuffering, sarcastically dramatic sigh.  Yes, I’ll accept it.  Summer.    Beach.  Bridal magazines in the sunshine.  Smiles.  We’re going to Disney World.  


  1. Joyous! Really enjoyed your original take on this theme!

  2. This is just lovely. Really like the style. Thanks for entering :)

  3. I really just loved reading this. The the physical act, the joy of the words melting into one another. I found it seamless and enchanting. Thank you.