Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just Another American Saturday Night....Oh Wait, It's Sunday Night....

Well, I've calmed down from my near meltdown involving finances.  It's still gnawing at the back of my mind, but I've shoved it aside for now because I have more important things to concentrate on at the moment.  Like finals and last weeks of class.  I have a paper due on Thursday for my Lg Studies class, and I've at least read the four chapters in the text that the prompt is based on--that's considered progress at the moment, I'm letting the info and ideas marinate now.  I also have a homework assignment for my Intro to Linguistics class due Thursday as well.  That's got a little more work involved.  I've done about 85% of it, I'd say, including finding a comic strip that violates one or more of Grice's maxims.  There's also a two page essay required to go along with it, so I suppose I should at least read the articles involved tonight.  Along with the usual reading and commenting on stories, that's about it for this week.

Next week, however *laughs slightly hysterically*, is a whole different kettle of fish.  I have a British Lit paper due by midnight Monday, French homework due by midnight Monday, a British Lit 250 word Blackboard post due by midnight Tuesday (but no class!!), my Intro to Linguistics research paper due Thursday, and also the final exam for that class as well. *whimper*  The week after is slightly more tenuous, with the only definite confirmed exam being on that Monday for my BritLit class, and the take-home final for Lg Studies being due by that Thursday at the latest.  *Sigh*

In other news, I somehow managed to come out on top this Etsy billing period *yay!*.  Went through a whole ordeal to mail that last package, too.  My mom was going to be passing through anyways, so she brought me the necklace and one of my boxes.  My plan was to take it to the post office Saturday and buy a bubble mailer and the stamp.  Got there and discovered that the post office here is closed on Saturdays. Urg.  So I had to go to Target and buy a bubble mailer with the other things I needed to buy, and then I came back and packaged it up all pretty and went to print a shipping label--the box didn't fit the bubble mailer. Arg.  Unearthed a small pouch and managed to get the necklace in it, wrapped it in some bubble wrap for additional protection, fit it in the mailer with no more problems.  Even got a Priority Mail label so it gets to the customer on time.  As much as I'd like another sale, I really hope I don't have to go through that again until I'm home.  It was painful.  My room looked like a tornado had passed through.  I'm not joking.

In totally awesome news, I've lost 3-4 pounds and a couple inches on my waist since starting this whole SELF Drop 10 diet/excersise plan.  I feel awesome.

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