Monday, April 2, 2012

Procrastination Station

I have a ton of stuff due tomorrow, so of course I'm wasting time online and taking the time to update my blog.  I'll get it done, don't worry....  Had a fun time this weekend.  I went home Friday and dragged my brother off to the beach.  It was glorious.  We found THREE still connected sets of disc shells.  I held mine in my hand because I was afraid of breaking it (I kept depositing my shells in his jacket pocket).  He put one in his pocket because it was dangling by a thread and he was going to reinforce it, and the other one broke in his hand while he was still considering it, but they were great finds.  I had a small assortment of other shells too, some baby's ears, slipper shells, jingle shells, and one Atlantic auger (sp?).  Saturday night I went to help out and become a paparazzo for the night at my brother's youth group's Academy Awards.  That was fun.  I also spent that afternoon making more jewelry, but I ran out of time and didn't get a chance to take pictures, so that'll have to wait until this weekend.  Just wanted to give a quick update.  Hope everyone's Monday is going as good as Mondays can go!

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